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What are the pits for shower room purchases?

Issuing time:2020-03-19 15:09


The approximate process of buying a shower room is that the merchant estimates the quote-the owner pays the deposit-completes the brick-to-door measurement-produces the design drawing-gives the exact price-signs the contract and pays the full amount-the factory production-a production cycle Around the month-finally home installation.

Quotations are generally in square meters. For example, the square shower room and arc shower room below, quote = (A + B) * height * unit price of square meters. There is no "non-standard" statement for the height here, you can do as you want, the highest can be achieved.

Square shower room measurement method

Circular arc shower room measurement method


The main things of the shower room are the same, glass and shape, the others are some small parts, such as guide rails, hardware accessories, water retaining strips, etc.

① glass

For safety reasons, the shower room must be made of tempered glass. Generally, there will be a 3C certification mark printed directly on the corner of the glass. Below is the serial number of the factory. This label cannot be pasted.

Common thicknesses of glass are 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. The thicker and heavier the glass is, households generally use 6mm and 8mm, and 10mm and 12mm are more expensive. Once the glass is thickened, the performance of other components must be strengthened, and the price will naturally follow up, so everyone chooses according to their own budget.

3C certification

Good tempered glass has a transparent look and feel, no impurities, no air bubbles, no ripples inside, and the surface is flat. If you tap it a few times with your hands, the sound you hear is relatively crisp.

The explosion-proof film on the outside of the genuine brand glass is affixed before leaving the factory. Even if the glass bursts, the shards will only stick to the film and will not splash everywhere. The current glass technology has not reached 100% maturity, and even the best tempered glass has a self-explosion rate of 2 ‰ ~ 3 ‰, so there is no such thing as "big brands don't stick films if they have confidence in their own glass".

② profile

The frame is the bone of the shower room. It must be strong enough to support the heavy glass. At present, there are mainly aluminum alloy and stainless steel profiles on the market. The strength and durability of stainless steel are better, and the price is usually more expensive than aluminum alloy.


Stainless steel profile

The profile of shower room for home use should be at least 1.2mm thick. The profiles of the same brand are classified by grade, and there may be 1.2mm, 2.0mm, or even 3.0mm. The thicker and stronger the profile, the higher the price.

Whether it is aluminum alloy or stainless steel, the surface of a good material should be smooth and free of convex particles, and the touch is also smooth. Specialty stores usually have samples cut into sections to see more clearly whether the cross section and the inside are smooth and flat.

Shiny stainless steel

③rail track

Rails are only used in shower rooms with sliding doors. Generally speaking, arc-shaped shower rooms are suitable for sliding doors, and diamond-shaped and square shower rooms are mostly hinged doors. For the in-line shower room, if you want to save space, install a sliding door, if you want to install a flat door, you must ensure that there is enough room to open the door.

Sliding door

shower room

At present, there are two types of guide rails on the market, aluminum alloy and stainless steel clad aluminum alloy, but there is no pure stainless steel track. If you hear a product that says you are made of pure stainless steel, it can only be a hinged door, certainly not a sliding door guide.

The hinged door shower room, all hardware accessories are stainless steel

Most of the pure aluminum alloy rails are curved to a certain degree, because the arc shape is more resistant to compression. You can pinch the samples displayed in the store. If there is a depression, it proves that the strength is not enough. In other words, either the thickness is not enough or the material itself is poor


Wrapping stainless steel on the outside can enhance the overall strength of the track. Although the aluminum alloy track on the inside is still curved, the outer layer of stainless steel can be made into a straight line, which makes the whole line look straight and sharp, which is very suitable for simple style.

Stainless steel track

There are many ways to judge the quality of the guide rails. The simplest is to repeatedly push and pull a few times to try and feel. No noise, smooth and quiet, is better quality. If you don't feel the push and pull, you can try to push and pull a few more, the difference will be different.


The hardware connection of the swing door shower room is more important. If the quality of the hardware is not high enough, the glass has no track support, and it takes a long time to fall and break.

Don't think that some shower rooms don't have a profile frame. Looking at less material, it will be cheaper. In fact, the simpler the frame, the higher the requirements for hardware connectors and craftsmanship, because the fixed glass rests on the side parts.

⑤Water retaining strip

The water retaining bar is not a load-bearing member, and the strength is not high. It can be made of PVC or artificial stone. The price is calculated according to the length, ranging from 50 to 200 yuan per meter. PVC and artificial stone are easy to process, and can be made into corresponding water retaining strips according to the shape of the shower room, and various imitation stone colors can be made.

Artificial stone water strip

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