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Bathing is a big thing in life, so don't get stuck in choosing a shower room!

Issuing time:2020-03-19 15:04

Bathing is one of the daily activities of human beings. It has the functions of removing sweat and oil, eliminating fatigue, relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation, improving sleep, improving skin metabolism and resistance to disease. Therefore, many people are willing to take a bath. In summer, it is extremely hot, and sweat oil is secreted too much. Bathing is an important way for people to clean and cool. Shower room, as an important carrier of self-cleansing activities, has an extremely sacred status, so what conditions should it meet?

1. What conditions are suitable for the shower room?

1. The shower room should have a space above 0.90 * 0.9m, so as not to affect the installation of other equipment. Areas smaller than this size are not suitable for shower rooms. Although there is also a limit size of 0.8 * 0.8m, the elbow can easily touch the glass when taking a bath. In severe cases, it may cause accidental injuries. Therefore, it is more suitable to hang the shower curtain directly in this limited space.

2. Ensure complete dry and wet separation from the outside area. The installation height of the conventional shower is 2.1m, and the height of the shower room is basically above 1.8m, so as to ensure that the shower water falls on the head of the person without splashing into the bathroom outside the room. You can combine the height considerations of all family members to measure the proper shower room height to the maximum.

Second, what shape does the shower room choose?

1, a zigzag shower room.

The bathrooms of most homes are quite well-formed. I also like that the shower area is arranged on the side of the toilet. Based on the wall at the end, the bath room is planned. The design of the in-line shower room can well separate the wet and dry areas into two halves. The glass and frame materials are also less than other shower rooms of the same area.


The glass partition is a minimal version of the in-line shower room. It has a function of separating wet and dry, and the price is much cheaper.

Glass partition

2.Square shower room

No need to fill the entire wall like a zigzag, take a corner to create a square shower room. Although the bathing area is reduced and the space for placing objects is also limited, relatively speaking, the sanitary problems of the square shower room are also easier to solve. Of course, the construction of the square shower room must also meet the basic space requirement of 0.9 * 0.9m.

Square shower cubicle

3.Diamond shaped shower room

The bathroom space of a small area suite is very limited. If a square shower room is used, its right-angle position is likely to be next to the toilet, and the small bathroom is even more cramped. If you cut off the right angles to make the shower room into a diamond shape, the corners of the outside of the shower room will be much more spacious, and the door will open more smoothly.

Diamond shower room

4.Circular shower room

The arc shape is actually a square variant, because the corner transition is smooth and natural, which is more suitable for the elderly at home, and bumps are less likely to occur. The arc-shaped shower room can be completely customized. There is no argument that the curved glass cannot be customized because it is difficult to process. The arc-shaped shower room with a radius of 0.85m is the limit size, and it is as small as a cage.

Arc shower room

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