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Seven Days Hotel Jiangmen

Issuing time:2020-01-11 13:39

The 7-day hotel chain takes young people and people with a young mentality as the core consumer group. It advocates choosing a young lifestyle, with listeners, practitioners and dreamers as its value commitment. It focuses on the innovation of the "young" attribute of the living space. And pioneering. Jiangmen Seven Days Hotel is located in the Zhongshan Memorial Hall and Wuyi University. It is also close to Zhuhai and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Jiangmen Terminal. Jiangmen is rich in tourism resources and has many places of interest, such as the Eastern Han Dynasty ruins of Xinhui Yutai Temple, Xinhui Bird Paradise, Xinhui Gudoushan Hot Spring Recreation Area, Tanghai and a team of Zen masters to observe the astronomy of the Chayang Temple, Xinhui Yamen Ancient The battlefield, the Baisha Temple, the former residence of Liang Qichao, and Shangxiachuan Island in Taishan are ideal for business travel, shopping, and leisure.

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