Bottom basin
Door clip
Tie rod
Rubber strip
It is made of 2.5-3mm pure acrylic. The bottom of the bottom basin is made of glass fiber filled rubber. MDF, wooden frame, iron frame, and stainless steel frame can be added according to customer needs. In addition, it has been tested and has good impact resistance and good drainage performance.
Each glass door clip contains the crystallization of art and design, superb shape design, with limit technology and closing buffer technology. It has successfully passed the fatigue test of continuous opening and closing 300,000 times. The lightness to the shower.
Exquisite cutting technology and detailed surface treatment are modern. Among them, the commonly used universal rod is suitable for installation requirements at different angles to ensure the stability of the shower door.
Simplicity focuses on the perfect combination of the pulley and the track. The pulley has the characteristics of smooth, smooth push and pull, quiet and noiseless, high walking accuracy, strong safety, and long service life. It passed the fatigue test and can still be used normally after more than 500,000 continuous switching.
The lifting shaft automatically rises and falls with the opening and closing of the door. When the door is closed, the lower waterproof strip makes seamless contact with the ground to ensure good water tightness. When the door is opened, it automatically rises to avoid friction with the lower waterproof strip.
High-quality automotive-grade safety tempered glass with high glass purity and toughness coefficient and good permeability. The impact strength is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass, and the flexural strength is 4-5 times that of ordinary glass. After the glass is broken, there are small fragments without acute angles to ensure the safety of you and your family. Its quality has passed the national 3CAS / NZS2208 Australian standard, SGCC American quality and safety product certification and reached European BS6206 standard.
Using 6463-T5 or 6063-T5 aluminum material, the wall is 1.2-3.0mm, easy to clean, not easy to deform, good weldability, strong corrosion resistance, stable texture, safe and reliable, generous, with advanced aluminum alloy surface Oxidation technology creates a hard and stable protective film on the surface of aluminum material, making its surface lasting and shiny for a long time as new.
Simple shower door rubber strip adopts high-end manufacturing technology, integrated molding, different styles, perfectly combined with different styles of shower doors, has good water tightness, is not easy to age, and the color is transparent.
1. Exquisite and beautiful: mirror polished, brushed, electroplated, smooth and rounded edges, elegant shape, full of modernist beauty;
2. High-strength gasket sleeve: The handle is equipped with a double-layer gasket design to prevent metal parts from coming into direct contact with the glass and causing cracks. The unique design has perfect quality.
3. High-quality materials: Strict use of high-grade materials, high hardness, high strength, durable, and follow the shipping standards of one look, two volume, three tests, make sure that every handle received by the customer is perfect.
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